Maintaining Participation

maintaining participation

An essential part of the Intern Development Program (IDP) requires interns to complete experience reports that document their experience in specific areas and have them certified by their supervisors. Understanding how to document experience is an essential component to successful completion of the IDP.

Reporting Requirements

To earn full credit for experience, interns must submit all experience within eight months. Experience reported beyond this period and up to five years after the date of the experience will be accepted at a reduced value of 50 percent. [more]

Online Reporting System

The online reporting system is the tool interns use to submit experience reports to NCARB for the IDP. [more]

Changing Employment

During the course of IDP participation, personal circumstances or external factors can result in new employment opportunities. It is easy to update your information through the online reporting system. [more]

Benefits of Keeping Your Record Active

If you keep your Record active throughout the duration of your internship, you can save money when you apply for the NCARB Certificate. [more]

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IDP Guidelines
Updated July 2014! The IDP Guidelines is essential reading for interns, supervisors, and mentors participating in the IDP. The document includes steps to completing the program, reporting procedures, experience requirements, and tasks interns should understand before becoming licensed.

Download (PDF, 346K)

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