Value of an NCARB Certificate

The Value of an NCARB Certificate 

Why Should You Become NCARB Certified

Certification is a Smart Career Move

Having NCARB after your name doesn't mean you're a member of an organization—it means you have earned the NCARB Certificate and met the highest professional standards established by the registration boards responsible for protecting the health, safety, and welfare of the public.

Certification Facilitates Reciprocity

Your NCARB Certificate will make it easier to obtain reciprocal registration in other jurisdictions. In fact, nearly 50 percent of registration boards accept the NCARB Certificate as the primary method for reciprocal registration.

Certification Gives You Mobility

Your NCARB Certificate will give you the mobility to go after work wherever it is. Even if your work interests center solely on projects within the jurisdiction where you are licensed, with an NCARB Certificate you’ll be prepared to meet your clients’ needs if they decide to move or expand across state lines.

Certification Gives You a Competitive Edge

Many architectural firms consider certification an important factor in hiring and promotion because they know that an architect with an NCARB Certificate provides the firm with greater flexibility when pursuing opportunities outside their jurisdiction.

Certification Provides Security

You don’t have to worry about misplaced records or obtaining necessary verifications from a previous employer who may no longer be in business. Your NCARB Record is maintained on a secure server. When you need to get licensed in another jurisdiction, simply notify NCARB and a verified copy of your Record will be quickly and easily transmitted to the state registration board.

Certification Provides Discounts on Continuing Education

When you earn the NCARB Certificate you will receive one free monograph from our highly acclaimed monograph series. NCARB monographs are an excellent resource to meet jurisdictions’ continuing education requirements in sustainable design (SD) and health, safety, and welfare (HSW). They offer a convenient way to earn CEHs/CEUs anywhere and any time you them. You also receive a $100 discount on every NCARB monograph. That means you can earn continuing education credits for about $15 per unit—one of the lowest costs available for continuing education anywhere. All NCARB monographs are written by experts in their fields.

Additionally, as an NCARB Record holder, you can earn free continuing education credits by reading NCARB’s mini-monographs and completing the online quizzes. A $35 value, mini-monographs are worth one continuing education hour (CEH) or continuing education unit(CEU) in health, safety, and welfare (HSW) and sustainable design (SD) and can be downloaded from the NCARB web site.

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