Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Architects


The aim of the APEC Architect framework is to establish a mechanism to facilitate the mobility of architects for the provision of architectural services throughout the APEC region by reducing current barriers to the export of professional services. Its central function is to maintain a register of APEC Architects who have fulfilled common elements of the education and training requirements for professional recognition in participating economies and are currently registered/licensed as architects, and who have a proven record of professional experience as registered practitioners.

Through the identification of these common aspects of professional recognition, reinforced by a period of professional experience, registration as an APEC Architect defines a level of competence that will satisfy designated registration criteria in other participating economies without further assessment. A host economy may additionally adopt special requirements for the recognition of APEC Architects to address aspects of professional practice specific to that economy, such requirements however must be fully transparent.


Overall responsibility for operation of the APEC Architect Register rests with a Central Council composed of nominees of independent monitoring committees established in each participating economy, and authorized by the Central Council to carry out its functions. Policies governing the operation of the APEC Architect Register and strategies adopted for its implementation are determined jointly by the representatives of participating economies appointed to the Central Council.

The APEC Architect Register is divided into sections, each administered by the Monitoring Committee of a participating economy, for the enrolment of architects registered/licensed in that economy who meet APEC Architect criteria. Monitoring Committees are responsible for the management of their respective sections of the Register on behalf of the Central Council.

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APEC Architects
An APEC Architect is a person who is registered, licensed or otherwise professionally recognized as an architect in a participating economy, and whose name is enrolled on a section of the APEC Architect Register maintained by that economy.

Application for Inclusion on the U.S. Register
U.S. architects applying for inclusion on the APEC Architect Register must be NCARB certified and must demonstrate seven years of post-registration experience.

Monitoring Committee
NCARB is the Provisional Monitoring Committee for the United States.